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Stick Packaging Machine

GDH Makina
Stick Packaging Machine
GDH Stick packaging machine is a multiline vertical form fill seal packaging machine for granule stickpack, it is high capacity high configuration and stable working.It is vert popular used pharmaceutical, cemical and daily use product. GDH Stick packaging machine operation is completely automatic system granular products (sugar, salt, pepper, ground spices.) Food liquid or pastry products (oil, vinegar, ketchup, maionnaise, honey, etc.) liquid or cream products (perfumes, lotions, creams, shampoo) GDH Stick packaging machine is 2 year Guaranty. GDH machines produce single packages of free flowing products such as sugar, salt, coffee, pepper... GDH machines can be 4lines, 5 lines, 6 lines and 10 lines.

Packaging machine turkey GDH machines are CE and TSE certified.

All part Electrical system is SCHNEIDER
Stick packaging machine is a type of packaging machinery used to package products in stick-shaped formats. Stick packaging machines are commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to package products like granulated sugar, coffee sticks, tea sticks, single-dose medications, and more.

The stick packaging machine automates the process of forming, filling, and sealing stick-shaped pouches or sachets. This system feeds the packaging material, usually a roll of film, into the machine. The film is unwound and guided through the machine for further processing. In this section, the machine forms individual stick-shaped pouches by folding and sealing the packaging material. The precise size and shape of the pouches are determined by the machine settings.

Once the pouches are formed, the filling system deposits the desired product into each pouch. This can be done using volumetric or auger fillers, depending on the product's characteristics.The stick pouches are sealed to secure the contents. Various sealing methods can be employed, such as heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or adhesive sealing.After sealing, the stick pouches are cut or perforated to separate them from the continuous roll of film. This allows for easy tear-open functionality for the end-users.Stick packaging machines often have sensors and control systems to monitor and control the packaging process. These systems ensure accurate pouch formation, filling, sealing, and cutting.Some stick packaging machines may include additional features such as labeling systems, code printers for batch or expiration date printing, and quality control systems.Stick packaging machines are designed for high-speed production and are capable of packaging thousands of stick pouches per hour.