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Wet towel packaging machine

GDH Makina
Wet towel packaging machine

Motor Protection: Overload, overheating, mechanical interlock
Driver Protection: Overload, overheating, motor short circuit, low or high voltage, phase loss at motor input
Machine Protection: Grounding connection is made to the driver, motor, power supply and machine body with earthing cable.
Conveyor: Conveyor is hidden in a special chain sled. Pallet spacing and length are variable. It is covered with chrome sheet.
Paper Flow: Single roll loading (maxi 800 mm). Multi-series roll can be changed. Healthy bobbin breaking and smooth paper flow. It is controlled by photocell. It cuts the cutting line by controlling it through the photocell.

Electrical Panel: Most modern electrical equipment and PLC system is used. 7 "color touch screen is used on the control panel. The temperatures are on the touch screen. Heaters are controlled by SSR.
Control panel that provides automatic length by entering the bill section according to the desired product type. The number of automatically packaged products is counted. In addition, the desired number of products can be entered by entering the number of products.

Wet towel packaging machines should be compatible with a variety of packaging materials, including nonwoven fabrics, plastic, and foil. The choice of material depends on the specific product and its intended use.

Given that wet towels contain liquid, the machine must be designed to handle moisture and prevent leakage. It should have sealing mechanisms that maintain the integrity of the packaging.Wet towel packaging machines can be used for various packaging styles, including single sachets, multiple wipes in a resealable bag, or roll form.Depending on the production volume, choose a machine with the appropriate speed and efficiency. Some machines can package hundreds of wipes per minute, while others are designed for smaller batches.Wet towel packaging machines typically use heat sealing or adhesive sealing mechanisms.

Heat sealing is commonly used for single sachets, while adhesive sealing may be used for resealable bags.Some machines come with options for labeling and printing on the packaging material. This can include batch numbers, expiration dates, and branding.The machine should be adjustable to accommodate various towel sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility in production.

Modern machines often come with touch-screen controls and automation features that help in setting and maintaining the packaging process accurately.Ensure that the machine complies with industry standards and regulations related to packaging and hygiene, especially if the wipes are intended for medical or personal care use.